Galliford Try Invite Their Supply Chain to Join Builder’s Profile

From October 2016, house-building and construction group Galliford Try plc invited its supply chain to use Builder’s Profile to ensure best practice and improve the supplier experience.

Galliford Try has worked closely with Builder’s Profile to ensure goals for the project are aligning the supply chain with Galliford Try’s corporate values policy; ensuring industry best practices are followed; and improving the supply chain experience without imposing extra costs upon it. Builder’s Profile in fact reduces supply chains costs by removing or reducing the need to complete and submit multiple PQQs – something the supply chain appreciates.

Senior Account Manager Julie McGrady, who worked with Galliford Try’s Business Intelligence Department, is delighted on their decision to join. “Because the Builder’s Profile platform is adaptable to meet client’s needs, Galliford Try’s procedures required us to evaluate the measurement framework. We assessed functionality in areas of Projects, KPIs, Analysis, Scheduling, Packages, Evaluation Sheets and importantly, in devising a reduced question set that they define.”

Galliford Try’s supply chain is largely comprised of material or commodity suppliers and subcontractors, who make up the bulk of the 12,000 people that work on its sites daily. Therefore, their robust supplier selection process to minimise project risk is essential. In addition to standard industry ‘qualifications’, Galliford Try actively seeks suppliers with sustainability credentials aligned to its own; it also considers the environmental impact of materials used in its projects as part of the selection process.

“With Galliford Try’s exacting standards in an innovative industry and Builder’s Profiles’ platform investment” says Builder’s Profile MD Paul Long, “when ‘their system’ goes live, we’ll have simplified data collection, raised data quality and improved its measurement. And saved its’ supply chain money! Builder’s Profile really is delivering a compliance solution for next-practice platforms.”

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